Betta Facts - 10 Little Known Facts - to Achieve a Five Year Betta Lifespan

If you are serious about raising healthy, long-living fish, there are many things you need to know. Let's take a look at ten little-known betta facts that will allow you to extend your betta lifespan from the industry average of six months to an amazing three to five years.

To raise vibrant, long-living Siamese fighting fish, you need to separate the myths from the facts. Potential owners choose these fish because they are dramatically beautiful, come in thousands of varieties, and have individual personalities, but these fish are not the hardiest you can raise.

Below is a brief covering of ten of the lesser-known betta facts:

1 - Bettas get sick very easily. Most bettas in captivity live on average only six months! However, most betta diseases are 100% curable if you know what they have, and which medication to give them.

2 - If you set up their tanks properly, and follow through with proper tank maintenance, bettas can live up to five years!

3 - Betta lifespan is DIRECTLY related to tank conditions..

4 - Enthusiasts in Thailand and Viet Nam bet money on the outcome of a betta fight.

5 - If your male betta isn't eating, he may not be sick. He may be protecting a new brood of betta babies in his mouth!

6 - Virtually every betta disease can be avoided by keeping your tank at a proper temperature, with weekly partial water changes.

7 - Bettas have an internal organ called a labyrinth, which they use to "breathe" air from the surface. This allows them to live in relatively small amounts of water with little water flow.

8 - Betta mating has become a billion dollar a year business!.

9 - A fast-flowing water filter is definitely not suited to bettas! They prefer slower-moving water flow.

10 - Betta can recognize their owners, and will respond favorably every time you approach the tank if you raise them in a clean, healthy environment.

These are just a few betta facts that you need to know before you decide to purchase a tank, add fish and begin your betta fish career.